Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies On Improving Customer Support

Here are some tips for digital marketing agencies: What can digital marketers do to improve their customer support and the market performance of their clients?

Present-day business challenges affect every single entity involved in modern business. No matter if your business is big or small, offline or online, the rules of the game are pretty much the same.

For various business ventures, there’s a market out there that has some demands. Reaching success in that arena requires a set of strong personal and professional skills. Even if you possess them, you still need to master the essence of the market you’re working in – marketing skills.

Analyze And Revise Clients’ Goals

Let’s say that your digital marketing agency has just started working with a new client. They’re an ambitious startup with some innovative ideas, but they lack marketing experience.

The initial steps you make here might determine the fate of that startup, so be extremely cautious. For starters, analyze their business goals. It’s much easier to bring a marketing strategy when you know what business direction the client would like to take.

Your next step should be advising them on the number and range of their marketing goals. However, don’t take the role of a business advisor here, but strictly hold to their marketing goals.

What you can to is refer them to an informative piece on goal-setting techniques, published by the Harvard Business Review.

Narrowing down the number of goals is extremely important for startups, so take just a pinch of advisory responsibility here and prevent your clients from making any hasty decisions they will later regret.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Your collaboration with different clients should follow the same pattern.

On the one side, it’s important that teams take part in creating and implementing marketing strategies. On the other, such an approach can lead to diffusion of responsibility.

Since too many cooks spoil the broth, some parts of communication with your clients should be centralized. For instance, suggest your clients to name their communication officers.

You should appoint yours, as well. Those people will be in charge of dealing with your common daily business tasks as an agency. When every single individual in your communication pipeline knows their roles and obligations, it will be much easier to pursue your goals.

Also, using some cutting-edge project management solutions will improve business communication and planning between your marketing agency and your clients.

digital agency project management for customer support

Deepen Your Business Relationships

In 2015, 27% of brands stated they didn’t outsource their marketing services, but opted for a special in-house team [source].

This is something that should worry digital marketers. The main cause for abandoning digital marketing agencies is the change happening on the global Web market. Namely, the number of active businesses is rapidly rising, leading to a fierce battle for survival.

What your potential clients want aren’t mere social media strategies anymore. They can use a variety of software tools to measure and improve their position there. On the contrary, they need seamless nurture and support.

In line with that, modern marketers should be a shoulder to cry on, as well as someone who will inspire their clients to broaden their horizons.

Let your clients become your business partners. Connect them with your contacts and expand their professional network.

Also, show your customers how to improve their public image through appropriate PR-campaigns. When you push the envelope, and offer your clients a different approach, you’ll manage to retain your old customers and attract new ones.

Improve Their Rational Thinking

Many small and mid-sized enterprises go bankrupt because they fail to meet their financial obligations.

An experienced and insightful marketing agency should warn their clients when they notice they’re planning to make unnecessary marketing expenses. For instance, imagine that a startup client of yours is developing in a desired way and there’s a high demand for their products on the market.

This will lead to an increased number of customers, which will further result in greater need for proper customer support. Here’s where things will get tricky. They will probably jump on hiring more workers and forming a new in-house team.

What you should do is advise them to think twice and show them some other solutions. According to Office HQ, outsourcing your customer support leads to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Similarly, if your client expresses a desire to win new markets, due to such steady growth, give them all the pros and cons of such wide market thinking.

You should study together the situations on those markets and take into consideration all the relevant factors. Best-case scenario, you’ll advise them to expand to one or two new markets, instead of scattering both your and their energy in too many directions.

Providing a service for another business requires a deep understanding of their position and business objectives.

Being a digital marketer makes this task even more demanding, since your main goal is directing their marketing moves. This is why it’s essential that your clients share as much information with you as possible.

Only open and continuous communication will give you proper input for creating marketing strategies that will make your clients stand out from the crowd.